Members of the committee working on developing the application for an innovative, regional and comprehensive high school met last night (Wednesday, November 15, 2017) at Piscataquis Secondary Community School in Guilford. The committee members reviewed our recent meetings with industry and higher education parters, discussed upcoming meetings with the Department of Education and additional higher education partners, respectively, and then went to work on crafting the language that will serve as the sustainable mission and vision for this project going forward (if approved).

The committee worked to develop and identify common language to help define the mission and vision of this project going forward, and that language can be seen through the attached “Word Clouds.” In case you are unfamiliar, word clouds are a tool that takes a bulk of text and words and puts them into a “cloud” type format. The more common the word is found in the text, the bigger the word gets. This tool will help the team identify the core values, beliefs, and intentions of what the project mission and vision will be, and then lead to the crafting and designing of the mission and vision statements.

The next scheduled meeting for the committee is November 29, 2017 at Ridge View Community School in Dexter. An agenda will be posted before the meeting.