Positive COVID-19 Case Confirmed in MSAD #46.
Find the link to the letter from Superintendent Jordan on the Home page and COVID-19 page.
Please contact building administration with questions.

Educator Effectiveness

Our students deserve the very best. Every day. Always.

Teacher Evaluation During The COVID-19 Crisis (Spring 2020)

MSAD #46 PEPG Handbook Cheat Sheet

All teachers can increase their expertise from year to year which produces gains in student achievement from year to year with a powerful cumulative effectThe Marzano Center, Learning Sciences International

Students are the center of teaching and learning throughout AOS #94.  Everything that we do is for them.  There is no greater connection between teaching and learning than instruction, and all AOS #94 educators are deeply committed to creating learning environments and opportunities for the students using methods, practices, and strategies that are proven to be highly effective.

Educators in MSAD #46 and Harmony have collaboratively designed an educator effectiveness system that integrates a research-based model of highly effective instructional and leadership strategies, feedback from students, student growth data, and standards for effective technology integration.  The educator effectiveness system has a strong foundation in growth and development of all educators, because we believe that all of our educators are excellent, and also that all of our educators can improve.  Learning never ends.  Anyone and everyone can learn something new; can improve their practice, no matter what they do; no matter how long they have been doing it.

Learning all ways; always learning.

Contact the AOS #94/MSAD #46 PEPG Steering Committee

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