Teaching and learning all ways. Learning and teaching always.

Teaching and learning are the core of our schools. They are what we design everything around. The educators in AOS #94 believe that ALL students have unlimited potential, and our classrooms, schools, and environments mirror that belief. Schools throughout AOS #94 are proficiency-based, meaning that all educators have high expectations for each and every individual student in our schools, and it is our responsibility to help each and every student achieve those expectations. Our schools are committed to teaching and learning from the perspective of the whole child, not just academics. Our educators support all students, not just in developing strong academic minds, but also as responsible and engaged citizens, self-directed learners, creative problem-solvers, informed thinkers, and clear communicators.

All Students Learn Skills:

All Students Learn Content:

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Gifted and Talented

How To: Nominate a Student for Gifted/Talented Services (video)

Gifted and Talented Process (Flowchart)

Students and learners across AOS #94 learn in various ways. Knowing this, we are committed to ensuring that each individual student is engaged in the most challenging and rigorous environment possible, and that may mean creating specialized opportunities and pathways for some learners. All of our professional staff work to collaboratively design personalized pathways and opportunities to deeply explore and unleash passions and interests within and beyond the content areas with all students.  For more detailed information on our Gifted and Talented Program, please contact Matt Drewette-Card. For information on Maine rules and laws for Gifted and Talented students and programs, please visit

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training the mind to think.”Albert Einstein

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