MSAD 46 Bus Routes (2017-2018)


Bus #3: Jeff Truman
  • Begins at approx. 7:00 AM on the Crawford Road. To Railroad Avenue, the Old  Newport Road, across the Line Road, Route 7 from the  P&L Store to Free Street intersection, Mechanic Street. NOTE: K-12 AM on Mechanic, K-8 PM on Mechanic St

In-Town Stops

  • K – Cedar Street ( VFW hall ) K-8 only
  • I – St. Francis Street ( lower end ) K-8 only
  • V – Railroad Avenue ( Dexter Christian church )
  • J – Mcfarland Street ( trailer park )
Bus #4: Steve Currie
  • Begins at approx 7:15 at Pullen Rd, Dunn Rd., Garland Rd.

In-Town Stops

  • W- PINE STREET 9-12 ONLY ****
  • G- LINCOLN & GOULD 9-12 ONLY ****
  • MECHANIC ST 9-12 PM ****
Bus #5: Mike Keyte
  • Eaton Rd. approx 730
Bus #6: Cheryl Upperman
  • Begins at approx. 6:35 AM on Crockett Road, to Bugbee Road, No. 10 Road, to North Dexter Road, Arno Road, Trembley Road, Goff Road, Shore Road, along Rt. 23 to Float Bridge

In-Town Stops

  • E – Grove Street ( ambulance garage )
  • C – Pleasant Street ( skating rink )
  • D – Pleasant Street ( town hall )
  • N – Lower Main Street ( Chaia Apts. )
  • N-1 – Lower Main Street ( credit union )
  • S – Orchard Street and Mill Street AM/PM ****
  • L – Water Street trailer park AM/PM ****
Bus #8: Buzzy Harding
  • Begins at approx. 6:40 AM on the Dover Line Road, back to Oliver Hill Road, Silvers Mills Road and route 7 from Oliver Hill Road, Trotting Park Rd to Acadia Street.

In-Town Stops

  • B – Ridgewood trailer park AM/PM K-12 ****
  • B: Ridgewood trailer park AM/PM K-12 ****
  • Prospect/Pleasant St AM/PM ****
  • T – Church Street ( fire hall )
  • Spring St. K-8 AM/PM ****
Bus #10: Marie Hamlett
  • Begins at approx 7:20 on the Garland Rd, Jennings Hill Rd, Airport Rd.

In-Town Stops

  • Spring St. 9-12 only
Bus #11: Julie Smith
  • Begins at approx. 6:40 AM on the Maple/Forest, forest/Beech Charleston Road, Kaeton Pond Rd, Main St Hill/Bryant Free Summer, Free/Center, Free/Winter, High St. High/Free ACP Apt

In-Town Stops

  • Maple / Forrest ****
  • Forest /Beech *****
  • Bryant
  • Q – Free Street (100 acre daycare )k-8 only High St. Daycare ****
  • P – Free Street/High ( ACP apts. ) k-8 only
  • X – Free Street and Winter Street k-8 only
  • O – Free Street & Center Street k-8 only
  • Y – Free Street & Summer Street k-8 only
Bus #12: Holly Nicholas
  • Begins at approx. 7:15 on the Upper Garland Road on the Garland end, past Wing Rd.
Bus #13: Dan Davis

In-Town Stops

  • H – Zions Hill ( Mosseys )
  • F – Zions Hill and School Street
Bus #14: Tina Cote

In-Town Stops

  • All of Free St. (9-12 Only)


Bus #4: Steve Currie
  • Begins at approx. 6:40am at the Exeter Road. Proceeds down the Exeter Road to the East Corinth line, back to the Downing Road, HoltsMills Road, Fernald Road, Peabody Road, Crane Road, Mills Road, Between The Mills Road and Eaton Road as far as the Lougee Road, Garland-Exeter Road from the Exeter Store to the Parkman Road
Bus #12: Holly Nicholas
  • Begins at approx. 6:40 AM on the Avenue Road. Proceeds to the Butters Road, Avenue Road extension, down the Avenue Road to the Corinth line, back to the Call Road,& the Fogler Road, Exeter Road from the town office to the Exeter store.
Bus #15: Vance McNaughton
  • Begins at approx. 6:35 AM on the Stetson Road at the intersection of Tibbetts and Chamberlain Meeting House Roads. Proceeds down Stetson Road to the Stetson line, Greenbush Road, Tibbetts Road, Brown  Road, Upper Garland Rd
Bus #10: Marie Hamlett
  • Begins at approx. 6:40 AM on the Cider Hill Road, to the Exeter Road ( State Road ), Mattison Road, Chamberlain Meeting House Road, Stetson Road from Tibbetts Road intersection as far as the Exeter town office, then to the Valley Avenue Road.


Bus #14: Tina Cote
  • Begins at approx. 6:40 AM on the Greeley Road. To the Oliver Hill Road as far as Goodwin Road, Center Road, Lower Notch Road, Campbell Road, Day Road, Route 94 from the Garland Store to the Greeley Road.
Bus #2: Ed Langlais
  • Begins at approx. 6:40 AM on  the Exeter Road ( Garland end ). To the Jones Road, Millett Road, Holts Mills Road,. Corinth Road from the Corinth line back to the Garland Store. Dexter Road from the Greeley Road to the Pullen Road in Dexter.
Bus #10: Marie Hamlett
  • Begins at approx.7:15 AM on Valley Avenue Road ( Exeter end ) as far as Old Schoolhouse Road. Avenue Rd., Paul Rd
Bus #4: Steve Currie
  • Begins at approx.7:05 Champion Rd 7:15  AM Parkman Road (Garland end), Exeter Rd.


Bus #1: Dan Davis
  • Begins at approx. 6:20 AM on The Main st, to Water St, to North Road to Page Hill, Out Harmony rd (Stream Rd) to the town line, back rt 154 to Laughton rd, Seavey Rd, Tripp Rd., Fusch Hill Rd, Ellms Rd, Upper Ripley Rd.

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