MSAD 46 Bus Routes (2017-2018)

Bus #1: Dan Davis
  • Main St Ripley, Page Hill Rd. Stream Rd, Sevey Rd, W Ripley Rd, Tripp Rd, Cooleys Farm, Mallard Dr,  Ellms Rd, North Rd, Zions Hill
  • Stop H – Mosseys
  • Stop F- Bryant Apt.
Bus #2: Ed Langlais
  • Exeter Rd –Exeter, Town Farm Rd,  Jones Rd, Millet Rd, Corinth Rd, Holts Mills Rd, Dexter Rd –Garland,  Garland Rd-Dexter
  • Stop Z- Bryant St
Bus #3: Jeff Truman
  • Crawford Rd, Ripley Rd, RR Ave, Line Rd, Second St, Mechanic St
  • Stop V  – RR Ave-Liberty
  • Stop J   -MacFarland Trailer Complex
  • Stop K  -VFW
  • Stop I    -Francis St
  • Stop I2  – Fay Court
Bus #4: Cheryl Upperman
  • Bugbee Rd, #10 Rd, N. Dexter Rd, Trembly Rd, Goff Rd, Twilight Dr, Eaton Rd, Hornbean Ridge, Shore, Old Pond
  • Stop E-   Thrift Shop
  • Stop C     Skating Rink
  • Stop D     Old Town Hall
  • Stop N1    Credit Union / Pawn Shop
  • Orchard , Mill, & Water St  AM ONLY
  • Fern Rd, Toots, & Dexter HOP  PM ONLY
Bus #5: Mike Keyte
  • Harmony School, Harmony-Cambridge Rd, Cambridge Dexter Rd, Chandler Hill Rd, Highland Ave, Pine St
  • Stop G
  • Stop L  PM ONY
  • Mill, Water, & Orchard PM ONLY
Bus #6: Steve Currie
  • Exeter Rd Exeter, Holts Mills, Atkins , Mills, B/W Mills Rd, Garland Rd- Dexter, Exeter Rd-Garland, Parkman Rd, Pullen Rd, Dunn Rd, Garland Rd – Dexter
Bus #7: Vance McNaughton
  • Old Valley Rd-Garland, Stetson Rd-Exeter, Greenbush Rd-Exeter,  Stetson Rd-Exeter, Brown Rd-Exeter, Tibbets Rd-Exeter, Upper Garland Rd-Dexter,

Bus #8: Buzzy Harding
  • Dover Rd , Silvers Mills Rd, Jackson St. Moose Lane, Church St, Lakeview Ave
  • Stop B- Trailer Complex  HS AM/PM   RV PM ONLY
  • House of Pizza, Toots, Cookson Reality , Corner of Fern Rd     K- 8 AM ONLY
Bus #10: Marie Hamlett
  • Cider Hill Rd-Exeter, Exeter Rd, Colbath Rd, Matteson Rd, Chamberlain Mtg House Rd,
  • Stetson Rd, Avenue Rd, Paul Rd, Jennings Hill Rd, Airport Rd
  • House of Pizza, Toots, Cooksons Reality    9-12 PM ONLY
Bus #11: Julie Smith
  • Charleston Rd, Kaeton Pond Rd,
  • Stop  B  Trailer Complex  Prospect St  K-8 AM ONLY
  • Stop Y  -Free /Summer
  • Stop O    Free / Center
  • Stop X – Free/Winter
  • Stop P – Free/ACP Apts
  • Day Care
  • Stop M   Lincoln / Water
  • Stop G  Lincoln / Gould
Bus #12: Holly Nicholas
  • Eaton Rd, Tibbetts Rd, Avenue Rd-Exeter, Call Rd, Folger Rd, Upper Garland Rd, Maine St Hill, Maple St
  • Stop A- Forest/Beech St
  • Stop R- Park/Prospect St.
Bus #14: Clarence Arno
  • Greeley Rd – Garland, McCom Rd, Oliver Hill Rd, Center Rd, Pillsbury Rd, Hanson Rd, Clark-Richardson, Lower Notch, Campbell, Day,
  • Free St  9-12 ONLY

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