Building a Future for Central Maine

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  • The school will be centered on the intentional and explicit integration of rigorous academics, authentic and relevant opportunities, and career and technical learning to promote the skill set necessary for career advancement and longevity in the 21st century.

    • MSAD #46
      • Dexter Regional High School
      • Tri-County Technical Center
      • School Board of Directors
    • SAD #4
      • Piscataquis Community Secondary School
      • School Board of Directors
    • MSAD #41
      • Penquis Valley High School
      • School Board of Directors
    • Industry Partners
    • Higher Education Partners

    Local businesses, industry leaders, and colleges/universities see the need to work collaboratively with secondary schools in our area to help create a future workforce that will revitalize our region and attract others to the area.


    This is an approach that synthesizes the academic expectations everyone is accustomed to, and integrates the hands-on skill levels for employment and further career advancement.  

    Further, this school would serve grades 9-16.  Currently, Maine secondary schools only extend to grade 12.  This school would serve as a HUB for higher education in the region, connecting with the varied institutions of higher education throughout the state; offering courses and opportunities for all community members.  By integrating higher education into our secondary school, high school students will also have advanced access to college courses, helping to increase access to advanced learning while reducing college debt.



  • Many regional comprehensive high schools in the country boast low to high 90% in placement after secondary school. Students pursue careers in fields they have trained in or go onto post-secondary settings relative to the career pathway they have chosen or they have chosen the military to advance their careers while serving their country.  This school would not only be for the students attending daily, but a center of learning, opportunity, and growth for all community members.  This state-of-the-art facility and learning model would also be very attractive to young families and has the potential to help revitalize the local economy.

  • Great partnerships between school system, businesses and institutions of higher learning can utilize the natural resources throughout the state and design education and learning systems that will sustain real economic growth.. Having a state-of-the-art school will attract young families to come and flourish in an area that is growing economically, increase, the opportunities to support and grow local businesses, and encourage regional and national businesses to join our innovative and groundbreaking region.

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