All school buildings are closed to the public.
Free WiFi is available in all school parking lots.
We are continuing to follow all safety and public health guidelines from Maine CDC and the Governor.

Continuous Improvement and Growth for Everyone

Learning is a continuum and a process.  Educators,  like doctors and lawyers, are continually practicing their craft.  As society grows and evolves, our educators need the time, supports, and resources to provide the optimal learning opportunities and environments for all students to prepare them for life beyond our school system.  Our educators are continuously engaging in opportunities to support the evolving needs of our students and society.

MSAD #46 Microcredentials and Digital Badges

Click here to access the multiple opportunities available to all educators to earn contact hours through online learning environments called “Microcredentials and Digital Badges.”




Online Courses & Opportunities for District Employees

Digital Citizenship

Class Code: zp6908r

Teacher Evaluation

Class Code: yuyfzo3

Student Learning Objectives & Digital Portfolios

Class Code: h7nkxjt

Design Thinking for the Classroom

Class Code: hdpp6nv

Atlas Academy

Curriculum Mapping

IObservation Academy

Marzano Teacher Evaluation Framework




Session Resources

Professional Learning Updates

Professional Learning Questions/Clarifications/Suggestions

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