From Superintendent Jordan:
At approximately 9:45 AM this morning local authorities informed us that a bomb threat had been received specifically naming the Ridge View Community School. All students and staff were safely evacuated to Dexter Regional High School where parents were reunified with their children. A State Police canine bomb-sniffing unit performed an extensive search of the school and found nothing suspicious. The school will be in session tomorrow with an added Police presence. Thank you to all of the staff, students, and the Dexter Police Department for handling a very stressful situation in a calm professional manner.

Come do fun science as a family with students from Dexter Regional High School and other community members. Learn how to build a rocket, plant something, explore chemistry, “program” your parents, construct owl ears, and other hands on activities.

There will be over 20 activity stations!
Door prizes and other goodies to take home!

Thursday, May 17th 2018
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Ridge View Community School (Parents/guardians must stay with their children for the evening)

STEM Family Night