Mrs. Stevens’ First graders had the opportunity to stretch their minds and thinking to discover if they had what it takes to unlock a breakoutedu on dot day September 15, 2017. They arrived at school thinking it would be a normal day when they started noticing that pictures and a locked box was a little out of the norm in their room. When Mrs. Stevens told them briefly the story how the eraser had come in their room the night before and thought that he would try and stop their creativity and imagination by locking all their drawing paper and a few other things into the blackbox that had several different types of locks attached to it they quickly set out to regain their belongings using teamwork and their thinking skills. Together they had to figure out what was a clue, which clues went together, the meaning behind some of the clues and which clues were to unlock which combination that would eventually open the box holding their belongings. It was an amazing sight to see how each kid possessing different expertise would step up and pick up where others started to help each other eventually gain success! Their frustrations, excitement, energy and joy was a sight to be seen. Clearly the eraser could not stop this set of first graders from using their creativity and imagination!!