Proficiency standards and learning environments.

I am very excited to be writing to you today  to explain some changes here at Ridgeview Community School.

As you know, our school has adopted standards for proficiency as part of your child’s education. We feel very strongly that standards based education is the best way to move students along their prescribed learning journey.

This year, we have instituted flexible groupings to facilitate the best environments for every learner. These groupings are based on assessments and classroom performance. Each student is reviewed on a regular basis and their placement adjusted if need be.

What this means to you and your learner is simple. Based on their progress through the learning Standards, they will be receiving instruction designed to move them forward. No longer will advanced students be “held up” while the class catches up, and most importantly, if a student is not prepared for advancement within the standards, they will receive the instruction that allows them to become successful.