Learning With Technology (from Common Sense Media)

Technology is everywhere… it’s a part of everything we do. For many of us, we grew up without it. For many of us, it feels “unnatural.” For our kids now and in the future, it’s simply a natural part of their lives. It’s not necessarily better or worse than things were… but very different, indeed. And in the landscape of apps, websites, etc., it can be hard to find what’s “good” for kids and what’s “not good.” 

“Today there’s no shortage of apps, websites and games that claim to be educational. Whether it’s improving vocabulary or teaching critical thinking skills, there are lots of fun digital activities for kids. Find out what’s really best for learning.”

Common Sense Media

Click the link to watch a short video on how to look at digital programs and apps that promote learning, creativity, and engagement.

Common Sense Media: Learning With Technology