High School Readiness

Preparing students to be ready for college, ready for a career, and ready for anything

Ridge View Community School provides a safe and positive learning environment that fosters a love of learning in each child, and where every child can achieve to his/her fullest potential academically and socially.

A Culture of Learning

The culture of learning in our school embraces the idea of continuous change to improve the quality of education and experiences for our students. We provide learning opportunities for our students and staff, as we offer on-site professional development and experiences, which allow teachers to apply what they learn directly in their classrooms. This view of lifelong learning also supports and celebrates a growth mindset.

We have the resources of a “bigger school” while maintaining a small school feel. We foster a growth mindset, by believing that everyone can change and grow and mistakes are proof that you are trying.

Commitment to Restorative Practices

We utilize a restorative approach to discipline, encouraging students to be accountable for their actions and identify ways to “make things right” with those they have harmed. By focusing on restorative practices we improve behavior, relationships, and overall school climate, which in return has a positive impact on academic performance. For more information on restorative practices, click here.

Digital Age Learning

We embrace state of the art technology to improve teaching and learning and provide high-quality and authentic educational experiences for students. Our school is preparing all students to succeed in a globalized and connected 21st century world by working to create “critical thinkers,” individuals that can work “collaboratively” or by themselves, can make judgements and decisions after understanding others’ points of view, and are able to communicate and solve problems in creative and innovative ways. For more information, click here.

Proficiency-Based Learning

Ridge View Community School is committed to being a personalized and proficiency-based learning environment for all students. Our educators and staff have the highest expectations of all students in our school, and we use multiple methods and approaches to customize our learning pathways for each individual student. Because each student deserves it. For more information about Proficiency-Based Learning, click here.