From Superintendent Jordan:
At approximately 9:45 AM this morning local authorities informed us that a bomb threat had been received specifically naming the Ridge View Community School. All students and staff were safely evacuated to Dexter Regional High School where parents were reunified with their children. A State Police canine bomb-sniffing unit performed an extensive search of the school and found nothing suspicious. The school will be in session tomorrow with an added Police presence. Thank you to all of the staff, students, and the Dexter Police Department for handling a very stressful situation in a calm professional manner.

Some elementary students went out of their way to help the Easter Bunny deliver the Easter Eggs this year, by using coding and computer science! Students used Ozobots to actively design pathways and solve problems the Easter Bunny faces when out on the all important annual delivery. Ozobots encourage computational thinking and problem solving using a simple color schemes and patterns. Students have to get the color scheme and pattern correct to help the Easter Bunny deliver the goods, and if the code isn’t right, the Easter Bunny might get lost… and that’s terrible! Luckily, these amazing young coders and problem solvers saved the day and helped the Easter Bunny make the deliveries… with the help of some tiny robots, too!