Here is the plan as of today to get you back into Dexter Regional High School to clean out your lockers, pick up your instruments, return textbooks, library books, calculators, uniforms, as well as clean out your locker room locker & turn in the lock. Please take care of lost/broken/damaged items that you are responsible for.

Someone will sign you in as you enter the high school lobby.  Only (20) DRHS students will be allowed inside the building at any time. Students must practice social distancing and wear a mask while moving about the hallways, classrooms, and locker room. Faculty will be participating in teacher workshops so please be respectful and keep noise to a minimum.
Freshmen       Monday   June 8th   9:00-12:00
Sophomores   Monday   June 8th   12:00-3:00
Juniors            Tuesday  June 9th   9:00-12:00
DRHS students are not required to turn in their ipads & chargers for this summer.  However, please bring in your iPad if it has any damage so that Mr. Shaw can get your repair done over the summer. Remember, if students lose their charger, full charger replacement is $30 (each piece is $10- brick,cord,outlet plug).
Call if you have any questions 924-5536.